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Elles Bailey

Wildfire Vinyl

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Get  Elles Bailey's critically acclaimed, award nominated debut Album Wildfire on Vinyl (unsigned). Sent inline with the Shining in the Half Light Deluxe Editions release date of 17th March 2023. 

Track Listing


Same Flame

What If I

Barrel Of Your Gun

Perfect Storm

Let Me Hear You Scream

Shackles Of Love

Believed In You

Howlin' Wolf

Girl Who Owned The Blues

Time's A Healer




“Every song is Fresh and Original”

5/5* Maverick Magazine


"It’s a fact that very few make it to the big stage; Elles Bailey has the necessary talent, the drive, and now (with the release of album Wildfire) the product"

Blues in Britain


This is music that crosses genres because it is excellent.”… Elles Bailey Scorching Debut Album Wildfire is hot with husky vocals blending roots sounds from Blues, country & soul set to be Voice of The Blues.”



“Definitely a talent to watch”

Country Music Magazine


"A childhood illness gave her a remarkable tool and she uses it to its very best effect. One of the best things I've heard"
Music News

"A Young woman blessed with an incredible voice"

Powerplay Magazine


"A hugely impressive debut album"



So, to sum up, not just a very impressive debut album from Elles Bailey, a very impressive album full stop.