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Elles Bailey

Shining in the Half Light Deluxe Edition CD (Signed)

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Get the award nominated Shining in the Half Light Deluxe Edition on Metallic and Matt CD. This is a LIMITED EDITION 19 track offering with brand new artwork throughout is printed on on a high quality 6 panel digifile and all the silver will be metallic brought out to pop with spot gloss. 

Track Listing 

Cheats And Liars (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker)

The Game (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker, Will Edmunds)

Stones (Elles Bailey, Tamara Stewart, Will Edmunds)

Colours Start To Run (Elles Bailey, Alex Maile)

Different Kind Of Love (Elles Bailey, Martin Harley)

Who’s That (Elles Bailey, Brett Boyett)

Sunshine City (Elles Bailey, Matt Owens)

Halfway House (Elles Bailey, Ashton Tucker, Will Edmunds)

Riding Out The Storm (Elles Bailey, Joe Wilkins)

Shining In The Half-light (Elles Bailey, Craig Lackey)

Spinning Stopped (Elles Bailey, Ed Blunt)

Hole in my Pocket  (Elles Bailey, Matt Owens)

Over The Hill  (John Martyn)

Long As I See The Light  (John Fogerty)

Halfway House Live at the Pool

Riding out the Storm Live at the Pool

Stones Live at the Pool

The Game Live at the Pool

Sunshine City Live at the Pool